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Indy Sagoo is a London based photographer specialising in Beauty, Editorial & Commercial imagery. 

Upon starting his creative career in 2012, his mixed background of both art & engineering give him a wide array of tools to not only make shoots the best they can be, but also to manage the entire process from pre-production casting, through to shooting and post production.

With a simultaneous retouching career, Indy learned first hand what is often fixed in post production, enabling him to address the issues on set on his own shoots. 

With editorials placed across the USA & the UK, collaboration with world class talent driven by storytelling is always the driving force behind his work.  Whether they be an editorial publication or for a corporate brand, conveying the story is always the primary focus.

Across both retouching and shooting, Indy has worked with some of the worlds leading ecommerce brands, celebrity talent & an array of established independent brands as well as new start ups.   

Email: indy@indysagoo.com

Instagram: @indysagoo

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